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Kicking the Monday Blues

Kicking the Monday blues

Arrrgh!!! Monday again! Like Seriously???

We all hate Mondays !!!

but why????

The weekend is over and it’s another Monday.
The kids don’t want to get out of bed
and it’s the day with the slowest moving traffic.

To add more pain to your Monday morning, you get to work and your colleague shows you fantastic pictures from her romantic weekend, while you stayed home in sweatpants drinking kool-aid and chasing after the kids.

The hard truth is that many of us hate Mondays no matter how awesome or unimpressive the weekend was.

But is there a way to get over our Monday morning blues?

Yes you can! and it’s pretty simple!!

6 simple ways to look forward to Mondays:

1. If you have a favorite TV show that airs on Mondays – that’s the perfect reason to look forward to Mondays – It’s like me, looking forward to Blacklist makes the day go by much faster!

2.  Change your perspective – see Monday’s as what it really is, a new day and the start of a new week, with endless possibilities!

3. Find at least one reason why you love your job, and see Mondays as the start of a new week, doing that one thing you love!

4.  Tidy your work area on Friday before leaving work. That way when you get to work you are ready to get cracking.

5. Get enough sleep! Don’t expect to party hard Sunday night and be full of energy Monday morning. If you’re lacking sleep you wont want to leave your bed!

6. If all else fails, try putting sticky notes all over your desk of how awesome, funny, pretty and smart you are!!! That ought to perk you up!

How do you get through your Mondays? Share your tips and tricks!!!

Have a lovely day ya’ll

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