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    Legends in Concert Ticket Giveaway

    Hello my darlings!!!

    I’m so happy to have teamed up with my awesome friends G&C of Legends Promotions to bring you this TICKET give-away: 2 TICKETS TO BE WON

    Date:  Saturday July 8th
    Venue: Grenada Trade Center.

    In this the 14th year, we promise it’s going to be bigger and better. It’s a treat you don’t want to miss.


    The rules of the give-away are very simple:

    1. You must like the Legends in Concert Facebook page

    2. You must post a comment under the giveaway post telling us the song you are most looking forward to hearing on July 8th, by any one of the artist scheduled to perform.


    Draw for 2 ticket winners will be done live on Facebook on the July 7th.

    There you have it. Now what are you waiting on >>>>>> go enter now!!!

    🙂 KayNicole

    Stand Tall and Bloom

    Stand tall and bloom
    A poem by KayNicole


    I believe in your dreams and in your pursuits
    I believe in your paths and even your truths
    I believe that you are capable beyond your wildest dreams
    I believe that you have the answers, no matter how it seems



    My sistah, don’t you dare feel the need to compete
    Don’t you know you are full, whole and complete
    The universe conspires to respond to your voice
    Oh my sistah, my friend, oh woman rejoice





    Don’t sell yourself short, don’t be afraid to stand out
    Not everyone would admire the way that you sprout
    But a sprout is but small, you were made to stand tall
    Stand tall
    Stand tall
    Stand tall
    and bloom


    It was Friday May 5th,  the opening night of the 2nd annual Pure Grenada Music Festival, themed Roots & Culture.  I arrived to the festival village at 6:30ish. I wanted to take in the atmosphere and check out the various vendors before the event actually started. The crowd was flowing in and the DJ was pumping some jams and the vibes was building nicely.

    Bang on target at 7:00pm to begin the show was Conception Dance Theater. They are a local dance school and performance group specializing in Afro, Ballet, Modern, and Grenadian/Caribbean Folk forms. I was captivated by their spectacular performance and awesome choreography, so much so that I felt my body trying to move the way they did. My better judgement took over soon enough, thankfully.

    Sabrina Francis

    Donysia Domerge

    Local talent Sabrina Francis and For the Love of Music (FLOM) was up next with the first musical performance of  the night. Now I can hold a note or two, but this beauty right here, she can singgggggg. Her voice is silky smooth and she wooed the crowd with some familiar tunes as well as some original music.

    Sabrina’s Mom, Donysia Domerge, who is also a great singer and songwriter, had her moment to shine, and she most certainly did. The family is indeed musically inclined.


    An addition to this year’s event was the Coca-Cola Stage. This stage was nestled in the middle of the festival village and gave patrons at the event an up-close, homey and intimate feeling, as they were literally in front of the artist. To add to the magic, this stage pumped music throughout the night, so there was never a lull, as one performance was completed on the Main Stage, the DJ of the night kept the vibes pumping, from the Coca-Cola stage.

    The Coca-Cola stage

    Performing on the Coca-Cola stage was local act Sensation Band with Patrick Delves. It was a thrilling performance and the crowd was surprised with guest keyboardist– Sidney Mills, member of Steel Pulse, which performed at the 1st PGMF in 2016. Patrick Delves is truly a performer. His passion for music was so tangible, you could almost reach out and touch it.

    DB  Performing on the Coca-Cola Stage




    Patrick Delves






    Are you ready? Are you ready?? I sure was! Next up on the main stage was Queen Ifrica. Her performance was nothing short of epic. The lioness arose and was most certainly roaring. Her roars were loud and clear and filled festival village with nothing but pure vibes, pure positivity and pure energy. With bare feet and loads of energy she delivered pure conscious vibes to the excited crowd who chanted and sang along, not missing a beat. Throughout her performance she encouraged and shared the need for peace, unity and coming together. In her words ‘people power will make the world better’.

    Queen Ifrica

    The Final performance of the night was the Third Word Band, one of the longest-lived Reggae bands of all time! Their performance was riveting reggae-fusion. These guys have been performing long before I was born but their music transcends age and time and I was excited to hear them live. Their tunes ‘Now that we found love’, ’96 degrees in the shade’ and ‘Try Jah love’ were some of the crowd favorites. The only disappointment was that it had to end as they were absolutely captivating from start to finish.


    The green initiate of the PGMF must be highlighted as organizers of very few major events consider the volume of waste accumulated at their events and the impact on the environment. All food vendors at the festival were required to use disposable food service items made from bio-based, renewable materials; from recycled content or alternative and material that can later be composted.

    The plastic Sea – Project by the Green Action Team

    Taking in the vibes

    Were you there? I sure hope you were! If not you missed a treat of epic proportions!

    Love music? Consider adding the Pure Grenada Music Festival to your to do list for 2018.

    Come experience
    Pure Grenada and Pure Music! You’ll be happy you did!!! We’re more than Sun, Sea and Sand – we’re also the home of great music festivals.

    Love & light and awesome music


    No more clutter – the closet edition.

    We all go through phases and moments where we have a strong desire to change up the arrangement of our home, to de-clutter and just get rid of stuff. This is absolutely normal and needed ever so often. Oftentimes we hang on to so many things: things we once loved, once used. The things that no longer serve a purpose, we often hang on to them because of the memory attached to them. Then there are stuff we don’t even know why we still hold on it.

    I have been feeling a sudden urge to de-crampify my zone lately. My oh my the things we accumulate. I started with my closet. There were so many items that I did not know I had… they were bought and forgotten. Ladies why do we do that?

    There was the pile of ‘too small’ which was purchased or kept for when I lost weight.  fingers crossed!

    There was the pile that was too big but was just such pretty pieces I did not want to part with.

    There was the pile with maternity wear, and since I’m done making babies why was I keeping them?

    There was the pile that I would never wear but just held on to. And finally, the pile that I had not worn probably in a year. I was amazed as to the space I was able to reclaim by clearing out all those clothing that had no use.

    How did I do it? It was surprisingly simple. Here’s some tips:

    • Consider how you felt in it the last time you wore it. If you didn’t feel absolutely fab, trash it.
    • Is it a timeless classic? There are some clothing that never goes out of style, and is always trending. If it’s such piece, hang on to it. Eg: a blazer that fits right or a flirty black dress.


    • Is it high or low maintenance? Does it require ironing before each wear, dry cleaning, deep steaming?  Is the hassle worth it? If it is for you, then keep it. If not, trash it!
    • Do you have to lose or gain weight to fit into it? Give it up baby girl….. trash it.

    Let’s talk about the trashing. Now my best recommendation is to donate to charity or your local thrift shop. I am an el-cheapo (unless it comes to gadgets) so I love thrifting. If the items are clean and in good condition, donating should be considered. On the other hand, if it’s a hot mess, busted and disgusted.. dump it. Trust me, there is a sense of freedom that would come after, your’e gonna love it! A good rule of thumb going forward to ensure you don’t accumulate too many things that you don’t need is to keep sorting items regularly, and each time you purchase something new, get rid of one that needs to be retired.

    Thank you for stopping by, hope you found this useful.

    Grace and peace and less-clutter





    A Poem to Mothers – On Mother’s Day

    Hi my darlings

    In celebration of my 4th Mother’s day, I’m sharing this poem that I came across which really spoke to me.

    The Author really captured this journey called motherhood within the lines!

    Motherhood is indeed an amazing journey.


    I felt you.
    You were a pea, then a lemon, then an eggplant.
    I followed advice. I read a gazillion books. I started a journal for you.
    Could you tell I was scared?
    I was.

    I talked to you and I sang to you.
    I wasn’t ready, but then you were here.
    All ten toes and healthy.
    Big eyes. Dark hair. Long feet. Beautiful.
    And that day I realized what it feels like to be in love.
    I hadn’t known until I held you.

    And so I held you.

    I shared you with my mom and sister.
    I realized that I would spend my life doing things to make you happy
    because that is what would make me happy.
    There were times I wanted to give up.
    But you’ve restored my sanity.
    You’ve made me want to run to my own mother
    to tell her I get it…
    And then you smile and say, “Mama…” in the way that you do.

    I will open my heart and love will rain down all over you.
    You will laugh and I will do it all over again.
    I made you
    but darling,
    you made me a mother.

    Could you read this without getting teary eyed or the ‘goosies’? I could not!

    So I dedicate this to my son .. Amar’e… and my daughter Ava-Rae for making me their MOTHER!

    You know where to leave your comments …

    Kicking the Monday Blues

    Kicking the Monday blues

    Arrrgh!!! Monday again! Like Seriously???

    We all hate Mondays !!!

    but why????

    The weekend is over and it’s another Monday.
    The kids don’t want to get out of bed
    and it’s the day with the slowest moving traffic.

    To add more pain to your Monday morning, you get to work and your colleague shows you fantastic pictures from her romantic weekend, while you stayed home in sweatpants drinking kool-aid and chasing after the kids.

    The hard truth is that many of us hate Mondays no matter how awesome or unimpressive the weekend was.

    But is there a way to get over our Monday morning blues?

    Yes you can! and it’s pretty simple!!

    6 simple ways to look forward to Mondays:

    1. If you have a favorite TV show that airs on Mondays – that’s the perfect reason to look forward to Mondays – It’s like me, looking forward to Blacklist makes the day go by much faster!

    2.  Change your perspective – see Monday’s as what it really is, a new day and the start of a new week, with endless possibilities!

    3. Find at least one reason why you love your job, and see Mondays as the start of a new week, doing that one thing you love!

    4.  Tidy your work area on Friday before leaving work. That way when you get to work you are ready to get cracking.

    5. Get enough sleep! Don’t expect to party hard Sunday night and be full of energy Monday morning. If you’re lacking sleep you wont want to leave your bed!

    6. If all else fails, try putting sticky notes all over your desk of how awesome, funny, pretty and smart you are!!! That ought to perk you up!

    How do you get through your Mondays? Share your tips and tricks!!!

    Have a lovely day ya’ll


    We all got them!!!

    Well I got a few of them and I am going to be brave and share them with you. Perhaps I will be able to overcome them by being candid.

    Struggle #1  – I struggle with my weight.!!!  I have always been curvy and don’t get me wrong I LUV ‘EM CURVES but since having my son I have yet to go back to my pre pregnancy weight. Just when I thought that I would start doing some hardcore exercise .. I found out that I was expecting again!!!!!! New weight on top of the old weight. #FixitJesus

    Struggle # 2 –I struggle with showing emotions… worrrddd!!!! I absolutely can’t deal with emotional displays of affection, affirmation and the like. How strange must I be? I know you love me, but you don’t necessarily have to say it much.  Also, don’t try to hug me that’s not appreciated…. But why??

    Goal: One Word – GOD!! I can’t do this on my own!

    Struggle # 3 – I struggle with staying in the moment. Mid conversation, mid reading, mid anything-that-deserves-full-attention, I sometimes just zone out. It’s not intentional, and it’s not that the other party or the activity I am engaged in is boring (at least not ALL the time), but random thoughts would just enter my mind and before I know it, my attention has gone towards that thought. When this happens, there is an obvious lapse in the conversation and this is not cool at all.

    Goal: The thoughts are unavoidable, but I have to mentally try to not focus on them. I also see it this way, my MIND is NOT drifting to other thoughts, but rather other thought are drifting INTO my mind. Once that happens, I just quickly analyze the thought and determine whether to store or delete the said thought…. sounds strange? but so far it’s been working.

    Struggle # 4 Learning to trust God with everything. Nothing is too small or insignificant for Him to help with. Everyday I need him more and more and everyday he chips off some area that needs fixing. I know that God can do anything but sometimes I struggle with believing that he will do it FOR ME.

    Just sharing this post, is the conquering of a struggle because these are not things I would normally share or talk about. Kudos to me!

    Well, that’s some of what I struggle with, folks. What about you? What do you struggle with? How do you cope, and how successful are your coping strategies? Let me know in the comments! Oh, and if you’ve got any suggestions for my struggles, I’m all ears! 

    4 Ways I choose joy daily

    One of recent post was about how important choosing joy daily is to me. Since then I’ve had a few friends ask, how do you actually make the choice.

    To me it’s pretty simple. Nothing ground-breaking, nothing only a scholar would be able to understand, but just simple truths that I consciously live by daily. I can summarize them into 4 points:

    1. I start the day with Pray.
      As a Christian pray is very important to me. It fuels me and connects me to my creator and the feeling that gives me, making that connection with him, is not something that can easily be replicated.
    2. Let the chips fall where they may.
      I take things in strides! I do what I can, as best as I can, because I cannot do what I just cannot do. No it’s not a tongue-twister. It’s pretty straight forward. Work well, work hard, give your best and let it be.
    3. I let my hair down
      Well not literally but figuratively. (This afro hair of mines refuses to stay down). So rather, I let my fro’ go! Don’t take things too serious, don’t take yourself too serious, relax, breath, live in the moment and enjoy the journey.
    4. Reflect
      At the end of the day I reflect on what I did, not what I didn’t do. Yes, I make mental notes of what I was not able to accomplish, but I spend more time reflecting on my accomplishments and planning.

    See, like I said. Pretty simple and very easy to follow. I am sure you already have your methods as well, and if that works for you, sick with it, but what ever you do, and above all  – your joy is in your hand! Choose joy daily.

    Choosing Joy, Daily !

    A few mornings ago, I woke up feeling rather melancholy-ish! Nothing happened the night before, in fact I went to bed the night before feeling pretty fab but for some reason I woke feeling fab-u-less.

    I still managed to say my usual ‘ Thank you God for another day’ prayer which is usually quickly proceeded by a time check on my phone to see if I was on time or not. Check my phone for overnight messages and realized that I had a late night message from a friend updating me on a family crisis she was dealing with. As I read the words on my screen I felt even more crappy.

    My husband soon noticed that something was up. He was probably thinking to himself, ‘man, what did I do this time’, he approached with caution asking “What’s wrong babe’? and before he could complete the sentence I was in tears…. I don’t know…..  and that was the truth. I did not know why I was feeling that way.

    I was not that everything was peachy perfect and sparkly fine but I was in a good place, well I thought I was!

    That was when I realized I had to live my tag-line, Choosing Joy, Daily!!!

    You see my darlings (in my British accent), joy is a choice. Some days it’s harder than others, but the more you practice it, the more it becomes easier, as with anything else if I should add. Some days I am able to exit Grouchville and Depression Town and head to Joyville pretty easy, while other days it’s like I’m on the back of a turtle making the transition. But I persevere, because for me:

                                                    Joy is not an emotion but rather an attitude of heart and spirit.
    Joy is not what I want to do but who I want to be;
                                                                           So this heart of mine chooses joy, daily.


    Hope you were encouraged! Thanks for stopping by 🙂



    This week I will be meditating on the word INTENTIONAL.

    Everything I do this week, I want to do it purposefully, meaningfully

    Too may times, we allow things to just happen… and we simply react. Life is fully of uncertainties and unplanned occurrences but that does not mean we should not strive to be intentional about the things that we do have some degree of control over.

    We can be intentional about being kind, sharing, loving and even giving. By choosing to be intentional about it, we would put some thought into it to make it happen. If I am intentional about being kind … I’m not waiting for the opportunity to present itself, but rather, I will go out of my way, and out of my comfort zone and be deliberate about my act of kindness.

    If you were to become intentional, how would your life change? You may live more, laugh more, or love me! But an even bigger question is, how would the lives of the people around you be affected by your intentional living?

    I want to be more intentional about PARENTING: This would involve spending more time with them. Just them, no distractions, not tuning them out because I’m really focusing on something else. But dedicated time, playing, singing, reading and just listening to them.

    I want to be more intentional about my SPIRITUAL LIFE: Dedicated time for pray and Bible Study. Not just a few minutes before I fall asleep after I would have done everything else, but times when I am fully alert, engaged and full of energy.

    I want to be more intentional about CHORES: As a mom who work and study with a 3 year old and a one year old… keeping up with chores is hard! Laundry everywhere … But I will be intentional at staying on top of things. I need to spend some time intentionally De-cluttering things and getting rid of things we no longer need as well. I also wanna be a bad-ass meal planner!!!! I eat healthiest when I prep and plan my meals.

    I want to be more intentional about my ME-TIME: I’ve come to realize that having my me-time is good for my sanity… I must be intentional about this if I want to remain sane!

    Thinking about becoming more intentional?? Please share your thoughts and thanks for stopping by 🙂