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Positive thinking on the journey to bliss

When last did you check your thoughts? It is said that our thoughts can become things. You may be surprised to know how often we think unintentionally and depending on the thought, our well-being and blissful state can be interrupted.

I’ve struggled a lot with keeping my thoughts together! My mind tend to stray to multiple thoughts even in the midst of conversations! Recently I have been reading a lot on thinking positively and the power of intentional thinking.  In the few months since, I have realized that positive thinking makes such a huge difference and impact us in ways we are yet to understand.

The Bible teaches us in Philippians 4:8, to Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Even as a Christian, this is not always so easy to do. However, I have been striving to think positive, speak positive, live meaningfully and find my blissful place.

Im getting better and better at it everyday. Let me share what Ive learnt with you thus far as to why thinking positive can help you find your blissful

1. The things we think on becomes us and we become the things we think. This basically says that whatever we spend our time thinking on are the things that we would attract in our lives. If this is true, then we need not think of the bad things but focus our thoughts on the positive, lovely, pure and pleasant things. Of course Im fully aware that bad stuff happens, but positive thinking even in the midst of the trying times helps get us through and leaves us more blissful.

2. Give negative thoughts no breeding ground. Constantly think on the positives while giving no room to the negative. Count your blessing and allow positive thoughts to become positive actions and words.  Pondering all of the good things in your life will help you find that happy and blissful place.

3. Seize opportunity. Every day we wake, we have a new blessing! Seize the day! Attack each new day with purpose and passion and vigor. If your thoughts were not so lovely yesterday, do better today, and tomorrow and the day after. Let positive thoughts become you.

These tips may sound simple, but I’ve found them to be so profound and I hope you will find them so too.

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