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A Poem to Mothers – On Mother’s Day

Hi my darlings

In celebration of my 4th Mother’s day, I’m sharing this poem that I came across which really spoke to me.

The Author really captured this journey called motherhood within the lines!

Motherhood is indeed an amazing journey.


I felt you.
You were a pea, then a lemon, then an eggplant.
I followed advice. I read a gazillion books. I started a journal for you.
Could you tell I was scared?
I was.

I talked to you and I sang to you.
I wasn’t ready, but then you were here.
All ten toes and healthy.
Big eyes. Dark hair. Long feet. Beautiful.
And that day I realized what it feels like to be in love.
I hadn’t known until I held you.

And so I held you.

I shared you with my mom and sister.
I realized that I would spend my life doing things to make you happy
because that is what would make me happy.
There were times I wanted to give up.
But you’ve restored my sanity.
You’ve made me want to run to my own mother
to tell her I get it…
And then you smile and say, “Mama…” in the way that you do.

I will open my heart and love will rain down all over you.
You will laugh and I will do it all over again.
I made you
but darling,
you made me a mother.

Could you read this without getting teary eyed or the ‘goosies’? I could not!

So I dedicate this to my son .. Amar’e… and my daughter Ava-Rae for making me their MOTHER!

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