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4 Ways I choose joy daily

One of recent post was about how important choosing joy daily is to me. Since then I’ve had a few friends ask, how do you actually make the choice.

To me it’s pretty simple. Nothing ground-breaking, nothing only a scholar would be able to understand, but just simple truths that I consciously live by daily. I can summarize them into 4 points:

  1. I start the day with Pray.
    As a Christian pray is very important to me. It fuels me and connects me to my creator and the feeling that gives me, making that connection with him, is not something that can easily be replicated.
  2. Let the chips fall where they may.
    I take things in strides! I do what I can, as best as I can, because I cannot do what I just cannot do. No it’s not a tongue-twister. It’s pretty straight forward. Work well, work hard, give your best and let it be.
  3. I let my hair down
    Well not literally but figuratively. (This afro hair of mines refuses to stay down). So rather, I let my fro’ go! Don’t take things too serious, don’t take yourself too serious, relax, breath, live in the moment and enjoy the journey.
  4. Reflect
    At the end of the day I reflect on what I did, not what I didn’t do. Yes, I make mental notes of what I was not able to accomplish, but I spend more time reflecting on my accomplishments and planning.

See, like I said. Pretty simple and very easy to follow. I am sure you already have your methods as well, and if that works for you, sick with it, but what ever you do, and above all  – your joy is in your hand! Choose joy daily.

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