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10 things I’ve learnt about motherhood

Seems like only yesterday he was a newborn in my arms. Now today I attended his day care’s sports!!! Where did the time go???I feel as if it was only yesterday I was coming home with him, all swaddled up. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions.  Excited yet sad to see his growth and development. My ‘baby’ is quickly disappearing and a little boy is emerging. Now I see this independent little toddler running about and and emerging as a person of his own.

I thought it would be great to reflect and share about 10 things I have learnt in the first three years of motherhood, reflecting on the first year of his life, in particular.

1. Giving birth no matter the method – Is so worth it:
I had a planned C-Section and it was no where as bad and horrid as they said it would be. In fact, I was told I bounced back much sooner than expected.
I now sport a scar, and that’s ok.. because I have my son!

2. Baby Laundry:
I typically do laundry once a week… not with my son! How could such a little cutie pie have so much dirty laundry? This part of the whole motherhood story I was given, was totally

3.  Nipples stretch and hurt and they LEAK:
Pretty self explanatory! I never knew it was possible..but yes, they do STRETCH! As for leaky boobs.. gosh I had it baddddd.. Even at this stage, if I don’t nurse him for a full day, it leaks!

4. Time becomes precious:
Between my 9-5, my husband and chasing my son… the time in between has become very precious. The moments I get alone is golden, and most time its spent blogging or catching up on
much needed sleep.

5. Parenting philosophies sometimes go out the window:
For some reason, all my totally awesome plans on raising my son… remained just that – Plans! Example, I said I was going to read him a book every week, (hangs head in shame), planned to make baby food from scratch, (hangs head in shame),  No TV before two years (again hanging head in shame). So I haven’t read to him as much as I would of liked, nor have I made his baby food from scratch, and yes, he sometimes is placed in from the TV while I hustle to get ready for work or take a quick shower! So What??? I am busy being his mom and the more he grows the more I have forced to cut him a little more slack.

6. Guilty feeling of needing a break from baby:
Man did I feel guilty when I started sighing with relief when I had the opportunity to be away from my munchkin! I love my son to bits and can’t imagine my life without him, but sometimes Mama needs a break! I remember the first time I left him, I felt awful.. my mom had to sit me down and explain to me that a break is needed from my sanity. She was so correct! We just need a little time to re-group sometimes. It makes us better mommies!!!

7. Not wanting to be touched:
Well perhaps this one is just me. I recall in the early months after his birth, I did not want to be touched, by anyone, not even my husband… WORDDDDDD. Not just in a sexual way but be touched or hugged in general.  I felt like my son met and even exceed my daily ‘touch quota‘ and anyone adding to this would just throw me over the edge.  It was difficult to understand, but thankfully, it soon passed.

8. You never really sleep:
I LOVE to sleep!! I’ve been know to fall asleep without notice! In pregnancy I had no excuses to fight my sleepiness, and so I slept… Now, I long for such sleep.  My son is not yet sleeping through the night, but even if he did, I wouldn’t.  When he turns, sneezes, coughs etc.. I’m up! It’s exhausting but I’ve been managing quite well on little sleep.

9. No more hot tea:
I love a good cup of hot tea! With my son I am only able to enjoy this when I am at work.  I dare not drink it while holding him, because his little but very swift hands will be sure to yank it out or knock it down. Plus for some reason I always remember something to do while sipping my my chai tea: it usually goes like this: remembers something, rests cup down, does that thing, comes back to tea, sips some more, remembers something else, does that, comes back, TEA IT COLD!!!!!!

10. Don’t beat yourself up:
I think one of the most freeing things I’ve learn is to not beat myself up. I was told that I was not able to really bond with my son as he was born via section.. OH REALLY!?? There could not be a tighter bond!!!  Babies grow way too fast. I refuse to waste time thinking about what I could have done different, what I should have done. My son is happy, healthy, well and he knows that he is love. He is surrounded by love and laughter! All his needs are met to the best of our ability.. and at the end of the day, that’s what really matter!

No matter the day I’ve had, there is absolutely nothing better than coming home to my little love bug! He makes me happy to be alive to see his happiness… and his sloppy wet kisses are the bestest!

Thanks for reading and do share in the comments!

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